Home-made Treadmill Desk

Not only do I work on the computer many hours a day, I take graduate classes online. I found I was so sick of sitting, as well as sore and uncomfortable, that I needed an affordable way to stand and move more during the day. So, I made a treadmill desk out of some 2 by 4's and an old shelf:

standing treadmill desk

It is not bad, I suppose - it serves the purpose. We bought the treadmill on Craigslist for only $200, so all together, it was a very cheap  solution. It needs some improvements - the working surface is far too small, and the desk is a little too short. I plan on adding some height with a flat 2x4 under the shelf board, and adding another board to make the working surface of the desk a little wider.

However, I would LOVE a commercial solution, eventually. The TrekDesk looks about perfect. Some day. Meanwhile, I will report how this one works.

So far, I have used the desk during several 2 hours classes, walking an extra 2 miles per class!

Treadmill Desk